The Gastronauts

These fun Ostomy puppets help Stomal Therapy Nurses and parents assist mitrofanoff children to understand the mitrofanoff procedure through role play. The Gastronaut puppets were developed by Philip and Elizabeth Prosser in Wales, United Kingdom and have been distributed to children worldwide.  To learn more about this wonderful charity please visit the International Children's Ostomy Education Foundation (ICOEF):

All puppets are fitted with a realistic stoma and catheter which can be removed to help teach children how to intermittently self catheterise their mitrofanoff stoma.  The Gastronaught puppets come in a variety of combinations of skin and hair colour, and can be individualised with scars and placement of the mitrofanoff stoma to look like the child's. 

The Gastronauts are distributed in Australia by the Ostomy Association of South Australia (OstomySA).  Please email the contact details below if you would like to order a Gastronaught puppet for a child in Australia who may be undergoing, or has undergone a Mitrofanoff procedure.  



Address: Ostomy Association of South Australia,  1 Keele Place, Kidman Park, SA 5025

Phone: 08 8235 2727 Fax:  08 8355 1073