New Medical Crowdfunding Platform 

Do you know of anyone who requires financial support to better manage their healthcare or wellbeing needs?

A new Australian crowdfunding platform, Dooable has been launched to assist with medical costs. 

The purpose of Dooable is to help those who may benefit from a new health and wellbeing focused crowdfunding platform called Dooable: Good Deeds for those in Need. Dooable is a true passion project, helping connect individuals who require financial assistance to manage their health care and medical costs with a community of supporters.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Dooable allows individuals to retain all the funds they have raised – regardless of whether they

reach their end financial goal.

Visit the Dooable website to learn more:, and please see the attached information brochure.

Ideal candidates for the initial Dooable crowdfunding launch include individuals who might need financial support for health and medical treatments, mobility aids, home care/modification assistance, and ongoing medical supplies and/or medications.

Do you know someone who might benefit from additional funds raised using Dooable?

Please contact us on 03 9417 2122 (Marco or Nicole) or via return email:, to discuss how we might work together to support them further.

Thank you,

Nicole Kennedy
Dooable Outreach Coordinator

Download the Dooable Brochure here:

FA DOOABLE Brochure DIGITAL A4 v02.pdf