MSA Raises Awareness on an International Scale

An integral objective of Mitrofanoff Support Australia is to raise awareness of the complex reconstructive bladder procedures that help patients overcome chronic bladder dysfunction.  These procedures include the mitrofanoff, monti-yang, bladder augmentation, bladder neck closure, neobladder and MACE or ACE surgeries which all help patients overcome incontinence and urinary retention.  

It is the role of MSA to provide emotional support for patients, clinical education resources, and advocacy to help build and improve the network of support resources available to patients and clinicians.  MSA achieves this through attending industry urological and continence conferences, providing a secure and positive social platform and hosting educational events and resources for clinicians, patients and families.

From August to December 2015 MSA will be at the following national and international conferences:

Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses (AASTN)  40th National Conference held in Melbourne 5th - 7th October  

Australian Council of Stoma Associations (ACSA) National Conference held in Adelaide - 15th - 17th October.  Janelle Solomon, CEO and Co-Founder of MSA is a guest speaker on Saturday 17th October. 

Societe Internationale d'Urologie 35th International Urological Congress held in Melbourne - 15th - 18th October

Continence Foundation Australia 24th National Conference on Incontinence held in Melbourne, 25-28th November