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2016 Scholarship Winner Lisa Naeher
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Colourful resources for kids with complex urological conditions

The winning project for the 2016 Hollister Mitrofanoff Support Australia Scholarship will produce a colouring book for children undergoing a Mitrofanoff procedure.

Mitrofanoff School Resources

The resource consists of a booklet and four videos demonstrating how to care for a young child with a mitrofanoff in the school environment.

Hollister Mitrofanoff Australia Scholarship OPEN

The Hollister Mitrofanoff Australia Scholarship is now OPEN for Applications.  The $3,000 nursing award is for eligible registered nurses working in specialise fields in Urology, Stomal Therapy, Continence Advisors in Australia. Applications and Terms and Conditions here

Brave Bear Cub Award

We have launched the MSA Brave Bear Cub Award for children undergoing complex surgeries. 

Facebook support for individuals with Mitrofanoff

Did you realise that Mitrofanoff Support Australia has a private Facebook Community Group for individuals with a Mitrofanoff?

MSA Family Events
STORIES/6th March 2017/

MSA hosts community events for families with young children to come together in a positive, supportive environment and meet others who have shared life experiences.  Through hosting regular community events MSA helps combat the isolation often felt by those living with chronic health conditions and their families.