Some ways to stay cool

Looking After Yourself

Taking good care of yourself will enable help you cope better in the months leading up to your surgery, the hospital stay and recovering afterwards. 

It is not uncommon for patients to feel stressed or burnt out when they are undergoing surgery. If you are considering Mitrofanoff surgery then it is most likely you will have a history of healthcare visits, or may have other chronic health conditions.drink water

To help take care of yourself you can:  

  • Eat regularly and drink plenty of water, about 2 litres each day 
  • Do some physical activity, or take up a sport
  • Get enough regular sleep
  • Find time to do things that you love and that make you feel happy such as: catching up with friends, playing sport, watching movies, music, internet gaming, reading, art… the list is endless 
  • Take time to appreciate the little things in life. It could be sitting down to a friend, playing board games with family or siblings, giving a kind gesture or from another person, a shared smile…


Having positive resources is a way to help take care of yourself and to help with your ability to any ride the highs and lows in life. It is possible to increase the resources available to you if needed. Resources can be internal or external. Below are some examples, please add your own.


faith or beliefs, prayer, animal totems, wishes/dreams, positive self-talk, mindfulness & meditation practices, mythological or spiritual figures, imagination, guided imagery, sense of connection, personal qualities (courage, kindness, flexible etc), self awareness, self compassion… and more.


positive relations to family & friends, social and sporting groups, neighbours, community, support groups, information sources- websites etc, home, music, nature, culture, elders, ancestors, positive role models, pets, school, favourite things such as phones, laptops, game consols… and more.

Ask yourself, what gives me strength? What makes me feel good? What gives me a sense of hope?

Some cool apps for you:


  smiling mind