Watches with silent vibrating alarms

Most people with bladder dysfunction have difficultly feeling when their bladder is full and when it is time to go to the toilet.   So how can you be reminded it's time to go if your body isn't telling you and you don't feel the urge to?  To avoid being wet it is a good idea to set a watch to remind you of when to empty your bladder.  Most watches can be set with one or two alarms during the day, but when these sound off at the same time each day it can become obvious to school children or work collegues that you have a problem.  That's where a vibrating watch can help to remind you without anyone else knowing. 

Vibrating watches are silent, so quiet that a person sitting next to you won't hear the alarm because there is no sound.  The watch vibrates gently on your wrist letting you know it's time to go to the toilet.  The alarm can be set for multiple times of the day, some watches can have an alarm set for up to eight different times in a day.

The watches are available in all different designs and colours, some are brightly coloured and sporty, while others are sleek and modern and maybe more suited for a teenager or adult.  Vibrating watches can be purchased online or through your Continence Care or Stomal Therapy Nurse.