We understand that a child needing surgery and medical treatment affects everyone in the family, including siblings. If your brother or sister needs surgery, they may also have long term health conditions or disabilities as well. 

There are some changes that you may experience leading up to, during and after their hospital stay. Some of these could be:

  • Changes in routine.
  • Changes in the roles family members play.
  • Less available time from a parent.
  • Other family members, friends, neighbours etc helping to taking care of you.
  • You may need to do more jobs and help out more.
  • Parents may seem absorbed in or stressed about the child having surgery. 

You may find that you are not too affected by the entire goings on, but if you feel like you are not handling it well then find someone to talk to. It could be an understanding parent, other family member, caregiver, teacher, friend etc. You can also call or connect online for help or to chat with the following organisations: 

Youth Beyond Blue 

1300 22 4636
Helping young people with anxiety and depression. 

Kids Help Line 

1800 55 1800
For children, teens and young adults. Ring anytime for any reason. Call, online chat or email. 


13 11 14
For all ages