What to take to hospital

When you have booked your surgery the hospital will send out admission forms, consent forms and medical history forms for you to fill out.  Amongst the paper work you will most likely receive a list of things to bring with you into hospital.  This list will be similar to your old school camp lists - socks, underwear, toothbrush, etc.

Below is a suggested list of additional items that are far from practical, but will help to make your stay a little more comfortable.  These items don’t have to all arrive on the same day, a family member or friend can progressively bring and swap things around for you.

For adults & teens:

  • short, or loose sleeved shirts that has openings large enough to fit over an IV on your hand or elbow
  • comfy loose, soft boxer shorts to protect some modesty
  • favourite soap
  • fluffy face washer
  • razor, shaving cream, aftershave
  • hair products
  • favourite perfume
  • slippers or fluffy (bed) socks
  • pj’s - short legs, nighties, boxers, dressing gown
  • favourite knee rug, or small quilt to lay over your bed
  • favourite pillow or cushion
  • current medications, ask your surgeon beforehand if you should keep taking these while you are recovering in hospital
  • phones, rechargers, hand held games - ie. Nintendo, Gameboy
  • laptop
  • DVD’s
  • good book, craft project, something you love to do to pass the time in your last few days at hospital
  • puzzles, sudokus, games, packet of cards, mini chess set

For children:

  • security blankets or soft toys and teddys
  • for babies - a stock of dummies because these get dropped on the floor with great regularity
  • books, colouring in, crafty things to make, jig saw puzzles
  • DVD’s
  • laptop
  • hand held electronic games  - ie. Nintendo, Gameboy
  • current medications, ask your surgeon beforehand if you should keep taking this while you are recovering in hospital

For administration:

  • medicare card
  • health care card
  • pension card
  • private health insurance card
  • contact numbers of loved ones
  • GP doctors surgery number
  • credit card - if there are out of pocket or excess costs these are paid up front, all other out of pocket expenses will be billed to you later