Be Prepared and Informed

When planning for a major surgery it is important to ensure you are well informed about every stage of the procedure, this includes what preparation will be required before the surgery, how many times will you be admitted to hospital, how long will each stay be for, and post operatively how many weeks will you have indwelling catheters.  

The Mitrofanoff procedure is major abdominal surgery and requires carefully planned pre and post operative care.  For your own peace of mind you must to go into the hospital with a clear understanding of what to expect of what your experience will be like. 

There are a wide variety of medical reasons why people decide to undergo a Mitrofanoff procedure, and because of this everyone's experience is different.  Your preparation, procedure and post operative care may be very different to someone else's.  For that reason, throughout the MSA webpages you will find questions to ask, to prepare you the best way possible for you go into hospital confident you have a clear understanding of what to expect, when to expect it, and what to do if the unexpected happens.