Pain Management

As well as using the medication your doctor has prescribed for pain, you can also try some exercises to help reduce any pain or discomfort you may feel.

Guided Imagery

Using your imagination go to a favourite place in your mind, it could be the beach, forest, bedroom, on the sports field… wherever that is for you. Engage all your senses and imagine what you would see, hear, touch, smell and taste…

In your mind explore your favourite place and feel like you are really there. Feel your body become heavy and relaxed as you walk along the beach, in the rainforest, sit under a shady tree or on the water drifting along in a boat. Take notice of what you see, are there birds or animals who come across your path, or perhaps another person sitting beside you? Some people like to keep a journal of their travels and re-read them to evoke a feeling of safety and relaxation to help erode anxiety when they are stressed.

You can also use essential oils to associate with a special place or occasion. Lemon oil may remind you of the lemon tree in your Grandmother's yard or a special trip overseas.


Keeping your mind busy with tasks makes it difficult for your mind to also focus on any discomfort you are feeling. Choose to do something that is novel and needs concentration.

Some suggestions are to read technical books or explore smart phone apps, play games with friends and family, try jigsaw puzzles that can be rolled up in a jigsaw matt, watch a great movie or comedy, or read an absorbing book.

You can undertake a quiet artistic or craft project such as knitting, hand quilting, scrapbooking or drawing and writing. You are only limited by your imagination.

Colour Breathing

Colour is one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century. More and more research is being conducted on the effect that colour has on our state of mind and on our emotions. Colour is identified throughout many ancient cultures as being connected to our energy. You can use imaginary colour to help identify areas of your body that are in discomfort or pain and this technique can have a positive effect on your perception of pain levels and discomfort in particular areas.

Focus your mind on the part of your body that feels discomfort or pain and imagine the colour, shape and consistency of that area i.e. purple, round and spongy. Ask your body what it needs there instead i.e. green, round and airy. Imagine breathing out the discomfort with its colour and form and imagine breathing in the colour and form that is needed.


Often when we feel pain or we are scared at the same time as feeling pain, our bodies become tense and this can intensify the discomfort we are feeling. A way to release tension or scared feelings is to sigh deeply. This can also help you breathe in a more calm way again.

You can also imagine that you are pushing small boats or paper cranes across a body of water with just your breath. Breathe out and imagine them floating away from you as just your breath propels them on their way.