InControl Fitness - Music to our Ears

At Mitrofanoff Support Australia, we’re always on the lookout for new resources and tools to support individuals with Mitrofanoff and those managing complex incontinence issues. 

Our very good friend and Ambassador, Lisa Cornish has launched her new website which aims to assist people to be in control of their continence and to achieve their fitness objectives. 

For many “fitness” and “bladder control” are ideas that don’t always go hand in hand. Lisa Cornish is on a mission to change that and provide people with resources and programs to stay in control and get fit.

Through Lisa’s own journey with bladder dysfunction, leading to a Mitrofanoff procedure and her qualifications and experience in personal training she blends personal experience and professional training to support clients to get fit and remain in control of their continence. 

Based in the United States, Lisa offers Skype consultations and online support to clients anywhere in the world.  
Visit for more information or to get started chasing your fitness goals.