The hospital stay can be a great time to re-connect with loved ones and spend quality time together playing old fashioned board games and puzzles. 

Think about what you can do during your hospital stay that is entertaining and fun. Sitting around all day is boring and tedious. Break it up with something you enjoy and interact with people around you. 

Most hospitals have play rooms for children staying in the wards, some even have play grounds specially designed to get children creating and engaging in social activities with other children. 

Some suggestions for any age are: 

  • Jigsaw puzzles - roll up mats help keep all the pieces together and out of the way until you are finished. 
  • Board games 
  • Card games 
  • Word puzzles – crossword, word finds 
  • Number puzzles - sudoku 
  • Computer games on a laptop - with headphones on 
  • Smart phone games –the range is enormous but be careful of in game purchases on free games. 

You can take in your own movies on DVD and watch on your laptop with headphones, or for children you can ask the nurses to play it on the ward’s network of DVD movie channels and other children will be able to watch them too. 

If you are in a ward, say hello to those around you. It just might be you are not the only who is bored and you might find someone who is also interested in playing a game or two. There might be other teens, adults or children around who are feeling just like you are and would enjoy some company from time to time. 


Be mindful while you are having all this fun, you are in a hospital so keep noise levels low and don’t disturb others who might be feeling unwell and wanting rest.