Eat Well 

It will take a few days post-surgery to get your appetite back. If your surgery involved the bowel you may be on a restricted diet until your body heals. When your appetite does return, try and eat as healthily as possible. When your movement is limited your appetite is often reduced and you may feel full on very little food. The same principle applies to parents and carers who are staying overnight with their child and are sitting by the bedside most of the time. 

Hospitals offer healthy meal options which are low calorie and low GI, not only are these better for you, but they will be easier for your body to digest and you will feel more comfortable, better in yourself and more able to cope with the stress of interrupted sleep and medications. If you over-eat, or consume higher calorie meals you may feel sluggish, restless and find it more difficult to sleep and less able to cope with everything going on around you. Stay away from sugary drinks and processed food as these can slow digestion. 

For parents, families and carers, all major hospitals have a cafeteria, this is where the staff eat. Anyone can go to the cafeteria, go exploring or ask for directions. Try to include some whole fruit in your day for additional fibre and remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help aid digestion and keep you hydrated. The better you care for yourself, the faster you will recover or can care for others.