Get involved - Fundraising suggestions.

We are thrilled that you are considering fundraising for Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA). We’ve compiled a list of some of the most successful fundraising ideas and plenty of simple ones to get you started.

Sometimes it is easy to turn simple pre-arranged events into a fundraiser. A night at the movies can become a fundraiser if you increase the basic $10 ticket price to $20 and donate the proceeds of ticket sales to MSA. You could also turn your local pub’s weekly trivia night into a fundraiser by organising an auction and asking for a gold coin donation at the door.

  1. AUCTION –quality prizes at a fundraising dinner;
  2. ART EXHIBIT –release you artistic side and donate a percentage of the exhibition ticket price to MSA;
  3. AQUATHONS – are a fantastic way to for kids to get involved.
  4. BAND NIGHT – Encourage your musical friends to perform;
  5. BOOK CLUB – donate a portion of the membership fee
  6. CAKE STALL – hold one in your local area;
  8. COOKBOOK –compile the best recipes from among your friends and family
  9. DYE or SHAVE –your hair a radical shade and encourage your boss or school principal to get in on the fun;
  10. DONATIONS –If you are having a birthday or anniversary celebration, consider asking guests to give to the MSA in lieu of a present;
  11. DANCEOFF –charge a fee to enter the competition.
  12. EAT-A-THON – hotdogs, pizza whatever takes your fancy
  13. EGG AND SPOON RACE –this could be a hit at your local fete.
  14. FASHION SHOW - get your friends together and approach local clothing stores to see if they will donate clothes
  15. FUN RUN – organise your own or participate in one and seek sponsorship from friends and family
  16. GARDEN PARTY – sell plants, flowers maybe arrange a guest speaker from a local nursery
  17. GOLF DAY
  18. GARAGE SALE – and donate the proceeds.
  19. HIGH TEA
  21. HANDYMAN – Offer your services to your friends and family and ask for donation instead of payment.
  22. INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL give a percentage of the entry fee to the
  23. IDOL FOR A DAY – have a singing competition in your workplace.
  24. JUMPING CASTLE – at a community event with proceeds donated to MSA
  25. KOKODA TRAIL / MOUNT KOSCIOSKO – take on a challenge and get sponsors
  27. LADIES LUNCH – try the LIPSTICK CHALLENGE and blindfold three guests and have them give three other guests a makeover. You will definitely get a laugh from the results.
  28. MOVIE THEATRE – and sell tickets and donate the profits to the McGrath Foundation
  29. MORNING TEA – your house or a café and ask for donations
  30. MUFTI DAY at your office or school;
  32. NIGHT MATCH – of your favourite sport ;
  33. OLD FASHION DAY – Chose your favourite era and theme a day around this period;
  34. OPERA – organise an elegant evening with beautiful music.
  35. PUTT-PUTT - is a great way to get kids involved.
  36. QUICKDATING – night and contribute a percentage of ticket sales
  37. RAFFLE – talk to local businesses for prizes
  39. SAUSAGE SIZZLE – pick a local sports competition, talk to Bunnings, run one at the school or at work in the lunch break
  40. SWEAR BOX – to banish bad words – contribute the donations
  41. SLEEPOVER OR SLEEPOUT – with your friends.
  42. TRIVIA NIGHT  and find out which of your friends is the smartest;
  43. WALK ACROSS YOUR STATE – get your legs moving and have people sponsor you
  44. YOGATHON – encourage your friends to embrace a healthy lifestyle.