The Parnell Fund                           


The Parnell Fund raises funds for vital urology research at University College London Hospital (UCLH). The Fund was set up in 2009 by Bristol businessman Neville Parnell to say thank you to the specialist urology unit at UCLH for the treatment he received. Neville aims to raise thousands of pounds so others can benefit from the pioneering work of the UCLH urology unit. 

Neville, owner of Hanham Garage in Bristol (UK), is now well on the road to recovery from long-standing and complex urological issues thanks to extensive treatment and reconstructive surgery at UCLH. Neville’s treatment was overseen by Jeremy Ockrim, honorary senior lecturer at University College London and consultant urological surgeon. 

He is undertaking a series of physical fundraising challenges including marathons, canoe races and the Three Peaks Challenge.

As well as raising funds for the UCLH urology unit through his challenges, Neville hopes to tackle some of the taboos relating to urological issues which men in particular may not be comfortable talking about – such as bladder dysfunction, incontinence after prostate surgery, prolapse and congenital abnormalities. These can have chronic disabling effects on a person’s life. 

The NHS estimates that up to six million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence. “Without the expertise, skilful treatment and outstanding support of the UCLH specialist urology unit, I could never have embarked on the physical challenges I have set myself nor enjoy the quality of life I have now. 

“Raising funds will help enable the urology unit to continue with their research and be at the forefront of their field in helping people like me.” Neville Parnell 

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