Harold Mitchell Foundation

Visit: haroldmitchellfoundation.com.au 

Postal Address: PO Box 322, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3205

The Harold Mitchell Foundation works with organisations throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific to make a positive and sustainable difference in education, health and the arts. 

The Harold Mitchell Foundation proudly invests in initiatives and organisations that: 

  • Inspire us with their leadership: We want to support organisations with vision, drive and passion - people who are committed to their communities and keen to inspire others to make a positive difference. 
  • Know where they are going and how they will get there: We seek to fund partners with well-defined plans that set out what they want to achieve and what it will take to achieve it.
  • Will make a difference: We will only invest in initiatives and organisations that have the potential to deliver real and sustained results for individuals, communities and nations.
  • Can tell their story: We want to help share the results our partners achieve and celebrate the difference they make.

The Harold Mitchell Foundation funds programs in health, education and the arts that make a difference in Australia and our region. We do not provide funding to individuals, and organisations who receive our funding must be endorsed as both a tax concession charity and a deductible gift recipient. 

'I believe that each of us in our own way can do something to give back and, by our action, encourage others. For my part, I can do a bit more than the average person.'
Harold Mitchell 

Harold Mitchell is the founder of Mitchell & Partners and Executive Chairman of Aegis Media Pacific. Mitchell & Partners, the company he founded in 1976, is the largest media and communications group in Australia today, with a growing presence in New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific region.