London Triathlon MSA Team 2014

MSA is partnering with the Parnell Fund and Mitrofanoff Support (UK) to participate in the 2014 London Triathlon. MSA's team will be the first ever to complete the race outside of the UK.

For the first time ever, a team outside the UK has been given the okay to participate in the world's biggest and most iconic event, the 2014 London Triathlon.
Saturday 2nd August at 9:30pm EST, Mitrofanoff Support Australia Team will participate alongside 3 teams in the UK representing The Parnell Fund and Mitrofanoff Support (UK).
The MSA Ballarat team is headed by Greg Solomon, will complete the 1,500m swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run in the dead of night to participate at the same time as the three other London based teams.
The UK Charity Team captains are pre-eminent British urology surgeons Mr Jeremy Ockrim, Mr Dan Wood and colorectal surgeon Mr Jonathan McCullough.
Greg Solomon will complete the run and will be joined by Ballarat Grammar School’s Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School, Brad Fry for the cycle leg of the race, and local swimmer Geert Vrij in the pool.
Mr Solomon said, “we’re excited to be the first ever charity team to participate in the London Triathlon, outside of the UK”.
“We believe that our 3 partner charity teams in London representing The Parnell Fund and Mitrofanoff Support – UK, will commence their race at 12:30pm London time which means we will start ours at 9:30pm local time”.
“We’re hoping it doesn’t snow for the cycle and run components, on what will certainly be a freezing Ballarat winter’s night”.
“Ballarat Grammar School has been kind enough to allow us to use the indoor heated pool for the swim leg” said Mr Solomon.
The Australian team is raising funds to support the work of Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA). MSA provide support and information for individuals impacted by severe incontinence and bladder dysfunction who have had the Mitrofanoff surgery or are considering the procedure.
Greg’s youngest daughter was born with the rare congenital condition, Bladder Exstrophy, and underwent the Mitrofanoff surgery in 2012 to improve her kidney function and overall health.
Greg and his wife Janelle founded Mitrofanoff Support Australia in October 2013.
“In the lead up to our daughter’s surgery, we were supported by fantastic organisations in the UK who are very experienced with the Mitrofanoff procedure and we wanted to provide that type of support in Australia”.
“Fortunately, we continue to work very closely with Mitrofanoff Support (UK) and The Parnell Fund (UK) and are looking forward to completing the London Triathlon event alongside them”.

“We’re encouraging people to support us by donating funds through our fundraising page at and sharing information on this event by using the hash tag #untied4u.rology on Twitter and Facebook”.

Visit for more information on The Parnell Fund or for Mitrofanoff Support (UK)