Strategic Plan

It is essential that people affected by impaired bladder function or poor bladder health, urinary retention and severe urinary incontinence are aware of and have access to timely and affordable services and support. Through the following five areas of focus, Mitrofanoff Support Australia will strive to ensure that this is realised.

We will provide:

  • Personal support - raise awareness and provide ongoing clinical and emotional support through the provision of information about the Mitrofanoff procedure and a private forum; 
  • Clinical support - link health services practitioners to contemporary medical research, education and expert advice and guidance on the Mitrofanoff procedure;
  • Community support - introduce and educate the Australian community of the benefits and opportunities realised through the Mitrofanoff procedure;
  • Industry support – focus attention and maximise opportunity for investment on services and equipment associated with the Mitrofanoff procedure;
  • Political support - maximise the opportunity for the Mitrofanoff procedure to be readily and affordably available to all that may benefit from it. 

We will do this by working across the community in partnership with medical clinicians, governments, politicians, health service providers and advocates.