Social Media Policy


Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA) facilitates and encourages the use of social media to build support amongst patients, families of patients, carers and the professional community. We seek to building awareness of the complex range of conditions and to provide both a public and private forum for followers to provide and to seek emotional support.
The MSA sites do not provide, nor do we encourage, the sharing of clinical advice by individuals who are not specialists on any MSA social media site. Individuals with clinical questions should speak to their specialist or Doctor. 
Posts containing clinical advice will be removed and the individual posting the clinical content will be reminded of their obligations under this social media policy.


MSA aims to provide a supportive environment for individuals with complex urological conditions to meet others with similar experience, to share their personal story and to enable the building of a community. Due to the range of treatment options available and the complexity of some conditions, we do not support the sharing of clinical style advice, information, treatment tips or suggestions, clinical images or homemade remedies on any of our social media sites nor through any of our events or activities by individuals. 
There is an exception for specialists to provide appropriate information on catheters and other relevant matters.   


This policy applies to all users of MSA social media sites and MSA employees and volunteers.


Clinical advice:  Advice related to the treatment or management of a medical condition. Advice related to the use of specialist medical equipment (including catheters). 
Clinical information: Factual information provided by medical specialists.
Home remedies:  Advice, information, tips or suggestions developed by an individual which have not been approved or endorsed by a medical professional.
Individual: A person without medical qualifications. 
Must: This control is mandatory.
Required:   This control is mandatory.
Social media: Any site which enables the sharing of information between individuals or an ability to comment on content. This includes but is not limited to -Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Yammer. 
Specialist:  A person with medical qualifications or company providing medical equipment (including catheters) that have been approved by medical practitioners.


  • All persons using MSA social media sites must not post clinical advice or home remedy style suggestions or clinical images.
  • Personal stories and experience that does not include suggestions for the management of other individuals conditions can be posted.
  • All users are required to comply with the social media policy. 
  • Users of the social media sites are deemed to have understood and accepted the obligations and requirements of the MSA Social Media Policy when they post on the site.
  • The policy is available via the MSA website and it is emailed to new participants of the private Facebook group on approval to the Group. Anyone posting to the private Group is deemed to have accepted conditions of the Social Media policy and breaches will be acted upon.
  • All users are required to respect the privacy of others and must not share information outside of the private Facebook Group.


  • Posts which contain advice that is deemed to be clinical in nature or a home remedy by the site administrator will be removed.
  • The site administrator’s decision is final.
  • The individual that posted the removed content will be sent a message reminding them of their obligations under this Social Media Policy.
  • If new clinical information is posted after the warning has been issued, the individual will be blocked from all MSA social media sites.


This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and every two years as a minimum.

Current version Adopted Review Date:   MSA Social Media Policy 2016:1  May 2016 -May 2018