Mitrofanoff Support Australia Board Biographies

Janelle Solomon

Janelle Solomon is the CEO and Co-founder of Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA).

Janelle has been the driving force behind the establishment of MSA in Australia. Janelle’s passion for providing support and information to patients who have undergone the procedure has resulted in several major initiatives made available including the Hollister Mitrofanoff Scholarship for nurses, the Mitrofanoff Stoma School Education Resource and community events and emotional support to patients across Australia and internationally.

Janelle’s vision is for all patients living with chronic bladder dysfunction to be aware there are surgical options which can enable people to live full and active lives. Janelle has witnessed the devastating emotional, social and physical effects that bladder dysfunction can have on people of all ages and their families.

Janelle is a Visual Artist and a professional Equestrian Australia Coach and has taken time from her business interests to build the not-for-profit Mitrofanoff Support Australia organisation with her husband Greg.


Greg Solomon

Greg Solomon is a Co-Founder and Director of Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA).

Greg and his wife Janelle have been instrumental in developing a strong foundation for the organisation. 

Greg is the Chief Executive Officer at the Mitchell Family Office in Melbourne. Greg is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and specialises in Business Development / Management and Investments. Greg was previously the National Field Finance Director for Ernst and Young and National Management Accountant for Arthur Andersen

Greg was previously on the Board of the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Team.

Greg is lending his professional and personal energy to the establishment of MSA by leading the organisation’s inaugural fundraising event on 13 October 2013. Greg actively participates in fundraising events such as the Melbourne Marathon to raise donations for MSA. 


Andrew Loader

Andrew Loader is a Director of Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA).

Andrew joined Mitrofanoff Support Australia in 2013 as an inaugural Director and has been instrumental in the establishment of the organisation. Andrew’s niece has had the Mitrofanoff procedure and after witnessing the benefits of the Mitrofanoff procedure, he is passionate about enabling more Australians to have information and access to the procedure.

Andrew has spent more than 20 years leading significant corporate reform initiatives and working in human resource areas in the public sector.
Andrew is currently the Group Director, Human Resources with the Victorian Police and previously held the role of Director Commercial Reform and Chief Procurement Officer. Andrew is also an Alumni of the Victorian Leadership Development Centre.

Andrew has extensive experience on boards and committee including:

  • Chair, Victoria Police Procurement Board.
  • President Annecto (former).
  • Director Disability Professionals Victoria (former).
  • Director Council for Intellectual Disability Agencies (former).


Rod Lamplugh LLB, B.Juris

Rod Lamplugh is a Director of Mitrofanoff Support Australia (MSA).

Rod joined Mitrofanoff Support Australia in 2013 as an inaugural Director. Rod has ensured MSA is established with a strong legal and governance foundation that will enable the organisation to sustainably grow.

Rod has more than 20 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer focusing on assisting with the acquisition of businesses and major business transactions in the media sector. He is the Principle of Lamplugh McIntosh Lawyers in Melbourne. His areas of practice are commercial, media and intellectual property law.

Rod has been a Director of many companies throughout his professional career. He has represented numerous companies and individuals in the media and sports sector in both his capacity as a Director and Lawyer.

Mr Lamplugh’s board appointments include:

  • Director of Harold Mitchell Foundation
  • Director of Aegis Media companies in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Melbourne Rebels.
  • Deputy Chairman of St Bernard´s College.
  • Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Audit & Corporate Governance Committee (former).