Mitrofanoff Support Australia 

Message from the CEO and Co-founder


The Mitrofanoff procedure provides real, life long relief for people affected by impaired bladder function. The procedure enables controlled emptying of the bladder while retaining dignity, through intermittent self catherisation via the Mitrofanoff. Individuals of all ages who suffer from complex bladder and systemic renal health issues may benefit from the Mitrofanoff procedure. 

My husband and I have observed the life changing results of the Mitrofanoff procedure on individuals and their families. The Mitrofanoff procedure is widely available in the UK and Europe and has freed thousands of people across the globe from the embarrassment, isolation and inactivity that severe incontinence can cause. 

Our mission is to establish an organisation for Australia that can positively and pro-actively promote the Mitrofanoff procedure’s medical and health benefits nationally and can provide support to those who have had the procedure.

Mitrofanoff Support Australia is this organisation.

Our vision is aspirational, but through the initiatives detailed in our inaugural Business Plan, I (with my co-Directors and associates) am confident that we will be able to positively influence the sustained improvement of peoples’ health impacted by severe bladder health issues.

Given the ever changing environment, each year our service priorities will be reviewed and set for the forthcoming year.

Through the Mitrofanoff Annual Business Plan we will articulate our focus areas, how these will be achieved and when they will be delivered.

Janelle Solomon
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder